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Friday, 9 October 20203 min read

BOS Power acquires Elektromatik Power Generation AB

Bertel O. Steen Power Solutions (BOS Power) reinforces its organisation and expands its range of power solutions for industry and critical public infrastructure by acquiring the Swedish company Elektromatik Power Generation AB.

With this transaction, BOS Power continues its expansion in the power generation market and strengthens its position in the field.

The Norwegian company BOS Power has been distributing MTU's products and solutions ever since 1969, and from 2020 it has been appointed distributor for the whole Nordic region. The acquisition of Elektromatik is a strategically important move in building the pan-Nordic business. Elektromatik will be integrated into BOS Power's Nordic organisation following the transaction. Founded in 1972, the company is a strong Swedish player in the market for emergency power solutions with sales of around SEK 66 million in 2019 and 22 employees.   

The transaction strengthens BOS Power's position as a Nordic systems integrator supplying power solutions to the likes of hospitals, airports, data centres, fish farms and industry sites. Elektromatik will bring BOS Power experience and specialist expertise in the supply of industrial power solutions and emergency power systems for these segments. The combined company will be able to offer customised products and solutions across this market.  

Solutions for the future

The development of innovative hybrid energy solutions – such as microgrid systems that combine renewable energy sources like wind and solar with diesel and gas generators and battery technology – is expected to play an important role for customers in the future. The result is an even stronger offer that brings together Elektromatik's existing solutions and experience, MTU's portfolio of leading products and solutions, and BOS Power's geographical presence across the Nordic region.  
Ove Johan Solem | CEO | BOS Power"Our expansion into complete, custom power solutions throughout the Nordics requires a stronger organisation," says Ove Johan Solem, BOS Power's CEO.   
"Elektromatik has considerable expertise in emergency power and offers both standard and custom solutions. Its experienced staff and its range of products and solutions are therefore a great match for BOS Power."  



Further growth

At the same time, BOS Power's extensive service organisation across the Nordics, which combines multidisciplinary service engineers with bespoke service programmes, will add further value for both new and existing customers.
"I'm delighted to welcome Elektromatik to the BOS Power family," says Carsten Højerup, who heads up BOS Power's Powergen segment. "BOS Power plans to build further on Elektromatik's strong platform in Sweden and leverage its skills and strengths to generate further growth both in Sweden and the rest of the Nordic region."   
Eknäs Gård, current owner of Elektromatik, sees BOS Power as the perfect partner for Elektromatik's continued growth and development, and the parties will work closely together on further developing the Nordic emergency power market.
"BOS Power's strength and presence across the region will give Elektromatik far greater opportunities for development in a broader geographical market," says Örjan Gustafsson, Eknäs Gård's CEO.
"We're pleased that Elektromatik's skilled staff will form the base for BOS Power's continued expansion in the Nordic powergen market."  



BOS Power in the Nordics

"In the course of 2019 and 2020, BOS Power has also acquired Holm Technoscan in Denmark and Swedmotor's MTU business in Sweden, and set up a local company in Finland," adds Ove Johan Solem.  "These moves were important elements in BOS Power's strategic plan to grow and improve its business. With a pan-Nordic organisation now in place, the company has the capacity to further enhance MTU's competitiveness in the region."   

Wide range of solutions

Armed with Elektromatik's considerable expertise, BOS Power can now offer a wide range of emergency power solutions and services:    
  • Complete portfolio of emergency power solutions across the output spectrum  
  • Containerised and transportable power solutions for Nordic conditions  
  • Open solutions tailored to the customer's location  
  • Customisation of system solutions for data centres, fish farms, industry, hospitals and other critical public infrastructure  
  • Innovative new solutions from MTU such as UPS, battery and microgrid systems  
  • New low-emission solutions and technologies  
  • Expert advice – from design to operation  
  • Extensive service organisation consisting of highly qualified service engineers  
  • Bespoke service programmes  

About Elektromatik

Elektromatik Power Generation AB is based in Örnsköldsvik in Sweden and offers sales, engineering, testing, parts and servicing. The company has its own workshop equipped for the production of complete emergency power solutions, as well as facilities for testing generator sets. The engineering department has strong skills in mechanical and electrical design. Project managers work closely with the rest of the organisation to deliver emergency power solutions tailored to the customer's needs.
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