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MS Vetlefjord powered by new mtu 8V 2000 marine propulsion engines
Friday, 17 February 20231 min read

BOS Power selected to repower MS Vetlefjord

BOS Power has been chosen to repower the combi catamaran MS Vetlefjord with modern fuel efficient mtu diesel engines and monitoring system.

MS Vetlefjord will be powered by new mtu 8V 2000 marine propulsion engines each with an output of 720kW @2250rpm. The vessel`s automation system will also be upgraded with a new mtu NautIQ BlueVision NG_Advanced ship automation system, allowing operators to monitor the propulsion plant.

Repowering providing economic and environmental benefits

Joachim Ofstad Ness, CTO at Torghatten-Midt

Repowering MS Vetlefjord with new mtu engines gives us economic and environmental benefits in form of lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions to air.

- Joachim Ofstad Ness, Chief Technology Officer at Torghatten-Midt. 


MS Vetlefjord connects islands on the west coast of Trøndelag in Norway together and is indispensable for the island communities. It often operates in rough weather conditions, demanding robust and effective propulsion power.

John Asle MarhuagWith the new reliable and robust propulsion system the vessel is well suited for its operating conditions. Safe and secure transport of people and goods during all sorts of weather conditions is of the highest priority.

- John Asle Marhaug, Senior Sales Manager at BOS Power


Repowering existing diesel propulsion systems with mtu engines is an economically sound alternative to new procurement. The installation of modern mtu diesel engines offers many benefits, including low fuel consumption, shorter downtimes, long service intervals and low maintenance cost. Resulting in reduced operating costs, lower emissions to air and optimized economic value for the operator.

Connecting islands in Mid-Norway

MS Vetlefjord was built by Oma Baatbyggeri in Stord, Norway, in 2002. It went right away into service and following several changes of owner was taken over by operator Torghatten -Midt in 2016. 

MausundSince 2016 the vessel has transported passengers and cars between Dyrøy - Mausundvær and Sula, in Mid-Norway.

The route that Vetlefjord operates connects Frøya with the islands outside Frøya and is important for the local population and visitors of the area.

The 26-m ferry can accommodate 70 passengers and 8 vehicles, running at a cruising speed of 20 knots. The new propulsion system will be delivered in August 2023. 

The scope of supply

  • 2x mtu 8V 2000 M72
  • NautIQ BlueVision NG_Advanced ship automation