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mtu EnergyPack battery storage systems to maximize energy utilization
Wednesday, 3 November 20213 min read

Energy systems for the future: Norway’s largest battery energy storage systems

It is with great pleasure that BOS Power together with Rolls-Royce Solutions Berlin (RRSB) will deliver Norway`s largest battery energy storage system (BESS) to the Smart Senja project at Senja in Northern Norway.


Arva AS has ordered three mtu EnergyPack battery storage systems to maximize energy utilization at Senjahopen and Husøy. The battery package on Husøy, with a capacity of 2,718 MWh, will be Norway's largest battery of its kind. Being able to supply the entire community, including the fish farm, for approximately one hour. The system will in several ways contribute to stabilize power supply to the fishing communities at northern Senja. 


Innovative solutions for energy stabilization

With strong growth in the fishing industry and increased demand for power in private households, the power grid at Senja faces major challenges in stability and security of electrical supply.  The additional load to the overhead power cables that are supplying the communities at northern Senja results in interruptions and short voltage drops, disrupting the electricity supply to the business community and inhabitants on Husøy and Senjahopen.

The challenges of overloading the power grid occur when there is a higher demand for power then the grid is able to supply. The traditional solution to such a problem is to reinforce the grid by constructing new power lines with more capacity. This, however, is costly, takes time to realize and has a non-negligible environmental footprint.

bospowerpack-peak-shavingWith the innovative solution of a local energy storage systems, Arva AS will be able to level out peaks in electricity using the mtu EnergyPack. The local energy storage systems function as energy buffers, as they charge when demand for power is low and discharge when demands is high, contributing to peak-shaving and maximize the energy utilization. mtu EnergyPack is a perfect fit for the changing energy environment, enabling stabile power supply to the community.

BOS Power is a proud contributor

BOS Power will perform the installation of the battery containers and transformers on the two locations at Senja. Site preparation and coordination towards Arva together with RRSB will be a central role for BOS Power in the project. When the site is prepared and secured, BOS Power will unload the equipment, and secure it to the already prepared foundations. As main components are in place, the next task will be to install power cables between battery containers and transformer, and setting up communication network to the energy storages. Commissioning of the battery containers will be performed together with personnel from RRSB.

The contract with Arva also includes a 10-year Service Level Agreement (SLA), where BOS Power will take care of the yearly maintenance tasks and ensure smooth operation and high uptime on the energy storages.

Carsten HjøyerupWe are a proud contributor of sustainable and smart energy supply for northern Senja. By installing local energy storage solutions that will function as energy buffers, we will, together with the local power supplier, help to provide a satisfactory power supply for residents and businesses at Senja.

Carsten Høyerup, Director PowerGen

It is exciting to see how the Smart Senja project will develop innovative solutions for the energy system of the future, and it is a pleasure for us to contribute with our expertise and solutions for energy storage through the value care agreement and participation in further development phase.


mtu EnergyPack

The mtu EnergyPack is a fully integrated and pre-assembled battery energy storage system with Plug & Play functionality to minimize installation time and risks on-site, and to ensure a high quality and reliable performance over the lifetime. The design is optimized for operation in challenging environments

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MTU_PowerGen Energy Pack

Smart Senja – energy systems of the future

Digitization in the power grid using technology for smart infrastructure provides new opportunities to increase local security of supply, in areas that experience limited transmission capacity. Smart Senja is one of eight demo projects of the energy systems of the future that have received support from ENOVA in 2019. The concept study was submitted in October 2019 and the project had its official opening at Nord-Senja at the end of January 2020. Project period extends to October 2025. RRSB and BOS Power will contribute in Smart Senja to the further development of energy storage facilities` functionallty.