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Meet Elektromatik at Energimassan
Thursday, 11 April 20241 min read

Meet Elektromatik at Energimässan 2024

Are you going to Energimässan 2024? Come by and experience groundbreaking energy storage technology tailored to meet your needs and challenges in today's energy landscape. With BESS, you can store excess energy when supply is abundant and release it when demand is at its peak, ensuring not only stability in your power grid but also providing you with a reliable resource to effectively meet your energy needs.

See what awaits you at Energimässan

When it comes to the future of the industry, we see a steadily growing market, especially in Sweden and the Nordic region. There is a high demand for battery storage to manage energy peaks, as well as for vehicle charging. Our energy storage solutions help you maximize energy utilization, reduce environmental impact, and improve the reliability of power grids and energy systems. You can also sell grid services like peak shaving and frequency regulation.

Elektromatik is a key player in sustainable balance markets and promotes sustainable energy methods that complement existing technologies such as Nordic hydropower and wind power.

Participating in the fair and conference is of great importance to us as it allows us to meet you, present our solutions and services, and keep you updated on the latest trends and innovations in the industry. By sharing our expertise and experience, we can also contribute to discussions and knowledge exchange at the conference.

Per Lundgren, Head of Sales and Service at Elektromatik, looks forward to sharing primarily the benefits you can achieve with BESS solutions, such as cost savings and increased energy efficiency. He also emphasizes the importance of tailoring the solutions to your individual needs and preferences, which is something we strive to do through our flexible and scalable system architecture.

By participating in the fair and conference, you have the opportunity to explore our comprehensive energy storage solutions. Our system architecture, based on containers for easy delivery and installation, offers scalable solutions from hundreds of kilowatts to several hundred megawatts with storage capacity in the same range. By taking full responsibility from design to commissioning and support, we provide you with security and added value.

Visit our booth C25 to learn more about our energy storage solutions. Our expert team members will be happy to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on how to integrate these technologies into your existing infrastructure.

See what awaits you at Energimässan