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Monday, 26 June 20232 min read

Tackle your Sustainability Challenges with BOS Power at Aqua Nor 2023

Do you need to reduce your operational costs and your greenhouse gas emissions? Then meet us at Aqua Nor 2023 stand B:201 to explore our backup and prime power solutions.



Rising Energy Costs and Regulatory Pressures: Discover How to Tackle Your Sustainability Challenges

Do you need to reduce your operational costs, as well as your greenhouse gas emissions? You are not alone. Rising energy costs, regulatory pressures, and the need to improve sustainability are some of the biggest challenges today.

With focus on sustainability, quality and reliability, BOS Power provides energy storage and power generation systems for various segments. We help customers in the Nordic region secure mission critical operations for fishfarms, data centers, hospitals, energy companies, telecommunications and more.

Whether you're looking to reduce your environmental footprint or improve your energy efficiency, we can help you find the perfect solution.


Explore Our Backup and Prime Power Solutions for Your Operations

Join us at stand B:201 to discover our backup and prime power solutions that address the paramount challenges of sustainability and minimizing impact on marine ecosystems. Our generators provide uninterrupted power, ensuring smooth operations, maximum uptime, and continuity for your critical equipment.

Dependable Power for Fishing Boats and Fish Farms

Our diesel and gas generator solutions are designed to meet the diverse energy requirements of fishing boats and fish farms.

From powering navigation systems to running aquaculture systems and processing facilities, our generators excel even in remote locations, providing dependable power in challenging geographical settings.

Durable, Scalable, and Environmentally Friendly Solutions

Our solutions are built for durability and reliability in harsh marine environments, offering long-lasting performance and providing you with peace of mind and a secure power supply.

They are cost-effective, with easy access to widely available fuel, efficient consumption, and low maintenance requirements.

Furthermore, our solutions are scalable to meet your unique needs and incorporate eco-friendly technologies, allowing you to minimize your environmental impact while preserving marine ecosystems.

Benefits include:

  • Uninterrupted power supply
  • Smooth operations
  • Maximum uptime
  • Dependable power in remote locations
  • Meeting diverse energy requirements


Secure Efficiency and Sustainability with Hybrid Systems

Hybrid systems merge gensets with batteries, optimizing power generation for fishing boats and fish farms, enhancing efficiency and sustainability. Battery integration achieves fuel efficiency, cost savings, and emission reduction.

These systems minimize noise pollution and provide uninterrupted operations with swift response and backup. Battery integration enhances energy independence and paves the way for renewable energy adoption.

Embracing these solutions empowers operators with efficiency, emission reduction, and power flexibility for sustainable and resilient operations.

Embrace the Sustainable Solution for Fishing Boats and Fish Farms: Eco-friendly Fuel HVO 100

HVO100 green diesel, derived from organic waste and vegetable oils, reduces emissions, and promotes cleaner air. With its unique combustion properties and high energy density, HVO100 enhances engine performance, fuel efficiency, and cost savings.

Seamlessly integrate HVO100 as a drop-in replacement for conventional diesel, requiring no modifications for immediate eco-friendly benefits.




From Design to Maintenance, We've Got You Covered

As a Nordic, leading provider of high-quality energy generation and storage solutions, we take care of your complete delivery from design, production, and commissioning to support and service. You benefit from our local presence and the added value of our extensive, technical knowledge and experience.