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BESS is here to stay in the energy market
Thursday, 22 February 20242 min read

BESS is here to stay in the energy market

Storing energy for later use, when and where it's needed most, is crucial for increased renewable energy production, energy efficiency, and energy security. BESS, Battery Energy Storage Solutions, maximizes energy usage and improves availability and reliability of the electricity grid and energy system.

  • BESS is an investment that secures your business while bringing cost savings. As a provider of BESS solutions, we take full responsibility - from design, production, and deployment to support and service, says Per Lundgren, COO and Sales Manager at Elektromatik.

BESS enables storing surplus energy during times of excess supply and releasing it during periods of high demand, contributing to grid stability. Its quick response times and precision during frequency changes enhance overall grid reliability and adaptability to varying reserve needs.

  • Peak shaving is a technique that reduces energy usage during peak demand periods. Essentially, it allows for cheaper base tariffs on grid connections by dimensioning them based on normal consumption rather than absolute maximums. This provides both security and potentially significant cost savings, with a possible return on investment in as little as five years, says Per Lundgren.

BESS starts without external auxiliary power and can establish an autonomous grid if needed. Equipped with remote monitoring and data logging, it allows for centralized monitoring and system management from control centers.

Addressing Sustainability Challeng


System architecture typically relies on containers for easy delivery and installation, containing batteries, cooling equipment, inverters, safety measures, and controls. Solutions are scalable and can be provided as ready-to-install all-in-one packages. BESS is available from hundreds of kilowatts to several hundred megawatts, with modular systems comprising one or more containers as needed.

  • If specific needs arise, such as insulation against extreme cold, limited footprint, or portability, custom-designed solutions can be manufactured accordingly. With solutions ranging from small mobile applications to full-size 40-foot containers and power ratings from 40 to 2000 kVA, we offer high-efficiency solutions for direct power access when needed, says Per Lundgren.

BESS leads in promoting sustainable energy methods, complementing existing technologies like Nordic hydropower and increased wind power installations, making it a crucial player in sustainable balancing markets.

  • We see significant and steadily growing market demand. In Sweden and the Nordic region, there's high interest in using battery storage, not only to mitigate energy peaks but also for applications like vehicle charging. BESS is here to stay in the energy market, concludes Per Lundgren.