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Erik NesseMonday, 9 October 20232 min read

Welcome to BOS Power INSIGHTS

It can be difficult to find quality information on emerging technologies. Useful material that looks at a subject on a high level, as well as delving into the nitty gritty details isn't always easy to find.

Therefore, we are excited and proud to offer you a new platform for knowledge and insights, exploring the future of power technologies and solutions. By providing quality resources for facts, ideas, and considerations central to your industry, we hope to contribute further to the adoption of green and efficient power solutions, both on land and at sea.

Monthly we will publish articles produced by our insightful industry professionals on various topics related to reliable power generation. The area of focus will range from power solution on vessels in operation at sea, to backup/emergency power for critical infrastructure, like hospitals, banks, data-centers, and production facilities.


Who is it for?

We aim to position ourselves as a quality resource for professionals and technical expertise, starting with everything related to electrification of maritime vessels. It may also be rewarding for professionals of adjacent industries who wish to get an introduction to the issues facing decarbonisation of light/fast crafts in the maritime sector.

As we move forward, you can expect content on an expanding range of topics, industries, and technologies.

This is a place where you, as a technical inspector, CTO or COO, can find accessible insights, knowledge, and inspiration in the field of cutting-edge power generation and propulsion solutions.


Available now

The first two blog articles are diving into marine electrification. These are already out, with much more in the pipeline.


Additionally, we have produced some comprehensive content offers, for you who want a more in-depth read.


We will monthly publish new articles giving you the ability to make better, more informed decisions. We highly recommend signing up for our newsletter or subscribing to our blog.


The future

It starts now with propulsion power for the marine industry, but will soon expand to other avenues, like Power Generation and Emergency power. All content are carefully curated and crafted, with the aim of providing quality content engaging with all of BOS Power's activities.

Articles covering the technologies, common questions and important considerations of emergency power is already in development and can be expected on our domain in the future.

We hope this will not only be a one-way exchange and invite you to contact and engage us with your questions, ideas, and suggestions. Your input is important to us and the future of our industry. We believe communication is key when creating the next era of our respective industries. Together we are making a safer, more efficient, and greener standard for secure and reliable operations.

Thank you for your time and attention!


Erik Nesse

Director Marine Propulsion

+47 958 23 635